sustainablebreck plan
Sustaining What We Love

Our Approach.

The 2011 SustainableBreck Plan was organized into ten topic areas. Based on feedback from the community and the Town Council, these areas have been reorganized. Major topic areas of the Plan Update include: Energy, Water, Material Management, Climate Action, and Mobility. The Plan Update also incorporates more general summaries of the Town’s efforts in related areas covered by existing plans and programs including: Our Lands and Wildlife, Housing and Child Care.

– Mayor Eric Mamula, Town of Breckenridge


Our community will be powered in ways that protect vibrant mountain resources.


Our community will protect our waterways and the livelihoods that depend on it.

  1. Material
  2. Management

Our community will reduce materials going to landfill by reducing the total weight of waste.

Climate Action

Our community will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from building energy use and vehicles.

Our community will support transit options that promote healthy living and cleaner air.